New cancer therapy peptide-based cancer vaccination
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摘要:Rice University’s Brown School of Engineering, a U01 grant to develop a new approach to model and analyze protein-ligand interactions in cancer research. The end goal is to create a proteomics toolkit, PROTEAN-CR, focused on the structural analysis of protein-ligand interactions.Pilot projects will include peptide-based cancer vaccination and analysis of mutations in the context of T-cell based immunotherapy.

In cancer, proteins can suffer modifications that favor the maintenance and proliferation of malignant cells. One way to fight cancer is using ligands with anti-tumor properties to inhibit these proteins. But the discovery of molecules with anticancer properties isn’t easy. There are hundreds of thousands of different proteins and possible ligands to assess.

Proteins and ligands can assume different three-dimensional conformations, and even the same protein can have multiple mutations; both these issues affect protein-ligand binding. Kavraki said PROTEAN-CR is needed because of these challenges and a persistent knowledge gap with structural analyses of protein–ligand interactions.

New cancer therapy peptide-based cancer vaccination

Kavraki, Rice’s Noah Harding Professor of Computer Science, a professor of bioengineering, mechanical engineering, electrical, and computer engineering, and director of the Ken Kennedy Institute, said the long-term goal of the U01 grant is to enable broad structural analysis of protein-ligand interactions so cancer researchers can mix, match and test small anti-tumor molecules for personalized cancer therapies.

“There is a real gap in incorporating large-scale structural analysis to understand the role of proteins and protein-ligand interactions in complex diseases such as cancer”, Kavraki’s lab has already developed some PROTEAN-CR core functions through a prototype web server being tested by MD Anderson researchers for drug discovery and immunotherapy applications. Since March 2017, it has had more than 9,752 unique users from 109 countries.

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