How to naturally increase the level of "glutathione", a powerful antioxidant in the body?
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摘要:Speaking of glutathione, many people may be unfamiliar at first, but you can find that it can be found in some medicines, functional foods, and beauty and skin care products.

Speaking of glutathione, many people may be unfamiliar at first, but you can find that it can be found in some medicines, functional foods, and beauty and skin care products.

Glutataioneis composed of three carbohydrates: glutamine, glycine and cysteine. It is commonly found in animals and green plants, and acts as a key antioxidant and oxygen free radical remover in the body. As everyone knows, the level of glutathione in the body may be reduced due to the harm of many elements, including malnutrition, natural environmental toxins and work stress. Its level also decreases with age. So, today’s Sugar Reverse Project will share with everyone the top ten physical and mental health benefits of glutathione and how to improve glutathione levels.

How to naturally increase the level of

How to naturally increase the level of "glutathione", a powerful antioxidant in the body?

Ten physical and mental health benefits of glutathione

How to naturally increase the level of

01Reduce oxidative stress

Oxidative stress occurs when there is an imbalance between the formation of oxygen free radicals and the body's ability to resist oxygen free radicals. The high level of oxidative stress may be a precursor to many diseases including diabetes, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis. Does that mean that if the body’s oxidative stress response is reduced, many chronic diseases will be solved?

An article introduced in the "Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy" emphasizes that the symptoms of glutathione inattention can increase the level of oxidative stress, which may cause cancer. It also emphasizes that rising glutathione levels will increase the level of antioxidants in tumor cells and their resistance to oxidative stress. In other words, glutathione helps prevent the harm of oxidative stress, thereby reducing the risk of many diseases.

02 may improve psoriasis

Studies have shown that whey protein powder can improve glutathione levels. Regardless of whether other treatments are carried out, oral whey protein powder can improve psoriasis.

03Reduce somatic cell damage in mild fatty liver

Deficiency of antioxidants (including glutathione) may aggravate cell death in the liver. This may cause mild fatty liver disease in those who abuse ethanol and those who do not abuse ethanol. Glutathione has been shown to improve the levels of protein, enzyme and total bilirubin in the blood of patients with steatohepatitis and non-steatohepatitis with diffuse mild fatty liver. Studies have found that after actively changing lifestyle habits, oral administration of glutathione has a proactive effect on patients with non-steatotic hepatitis and mild fatty liver.

04Improve hyperinsulinemia in the elderly

As they get older, they cause a decrease in glutathione. Research staff at Baylor College of Medicine combined small animal and body studies to explore the effects of glutathione in the elderly’s heavy-duty manipulation and hyperinsulinemia. Research results show that low glutathione levels are associated with less lipolysis and higher body fat storage. Older testers added cysteine and glycine to their diet to increase glutathione levels. The glutathione levels reached the highest value within two weeks, thereby improving hyperinsulinemia and Fat breakdown.

05Improve the blood circulation system

When the peripheral aorta is blocked by soft plaques, peripheral aortic disease occurs, which is most common in the feet. A survey report stated that glutathione improved the blood circulation system and improved the ability of study participants to walk longer distances without pain.

06Relieve Parkinson's symptoms

Parkinson's symptoms can harm the nervous system software, and are defined by diseases such as shock, which cannot be cured at this stage. An earlier study documented the proactive effects of intravenous glutathione on conditions such as tremor and muscle stiffness.

Although a lot of research must be carried out, the case report shows that glutathione may help alleviate the disease and improve the quality of life of patients with this type of disease.

How to naturally increase the level of "glutathione", a powerful antioxidant in the body?

07 May be beneficial to defend against own immune system diseases

Inflammation caused by diseases of the immune system can increase oxidative stress. Such diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, abdominal diseases and lupus erythematosus. According to research, glutathione helps reduce oxidative stress based on irritation or reducing the body's immune response. Immune system diseases attack the membrane proteins in special somatic cells, and glutathione can maintain somatic cell membrane proteins by scavenging oxygen free radicals.

08 can reduce air oxidative damage in children with autism

Studies have shown that people with autism have higher levels of air oxidative damage in the brain, and lower levels of glutathione. Children with autism are more sensitive to harm to the central nervous system due to chemicals such as mercury. An eight-week clinical study of children between the ages of 3 and 13 used glutathione orally or transdermally. Although changes in symptoms of autism were not included in the study, the levels of cysteine, blood sulfate, and whole blood glutathione of the two groups of children improved.

09 May reduce the harm of diabetic patients who will not be manipulated

Long-term high blood sugar is associated with a decrease in glutathione, which can cause oxidative stress and institutional damage. A study found that supplementing cysteine and glycine in the diet can increase glutathione levels. Although the sugar content is high, it also reduces the oxidative stress and harm of uncontrollable diabetics.

10 can relieve the symptoms of respiratory diseases

N-acetylcysteine is a medicine used to treat asthma and cystic fibrosis. As an inhalant, it can thin mucus and make it less viscous, and can also relieve inflammation. And N-acetylcysteine happens to be a by-product of glutathione.

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