Product introduction

Product Name:Pentapeptide-3


CAS No.:135679-88-8

Catalog No.:GT-C044


Molecular Formula:C21H37N9O5

Molecular Weight:495.59


Pentapeptide-3 molecular formula diagram

Key Specification:

Appearance: White powder
Purity(HPLC): ≥98.0%
Single Impurity(HPLC): ≤1.0%
Acetate Content(HPLC): 5.0%~12.0%
Water Content (Karl Fischer): ≤10.0%

Package: 500mg,1g, 5g, 10g, 20g, 50g, 100g, 200g, 500g



Pentapeptide-3 (Veloseptide) can inhibit the formation of pigments, avoid skin aging, reduce pigmentation and improve skin's antioxidant capacity. It has the functions of beautifying the skin, beautifying skin care, skin care, and avoiding allergies; plus skin care Among the products, it can be suitable for all kinds of skin, especially for sensitive skin with very good practical effect of maintenance.


Pentapeptide-3 (Velostide) is obtained from natural chemical substances or designed and produced in a bionic way to participate in the composition and metabolism of cells, and to restore and replace damaged or senescent cells. Inhibit or delay skin aging and maintain skin whiteness and elasticity.


Storage:Cool dry place( Store at -20°C, away from the light)

Remark:For Research Use Only. Not for human use. 

Pentapeptide-3 structure diagramPentapeptide-3 chemical formula diagram

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