Custom peptide

The company is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive peptide customized services and technical support for domestic and foreign biotechnology companies, research institutes and universities.So far, we have delivered nearly 20,000 polypeptides to customers.Under the strict quality system, our company adopts advanced equipment such as Waters and Agilent to provide strong guarantee for product quality.

The new Peptide R&D Center covers an area of 2,000 square meters, with a complete peptide production line, several large peptide synthesis equipment, HPLC analysis and preparation equipment, and a GMP clean workshop to meet the different customized needs of customers.We sincerely welcome all partners to cooperate with us!

Service scope

The length of the peptideSynthesis of polypeptides with more than 100 amino acids and cyclodipeptides
Cyclization modificationPolypeptides with more than 4 pairs of disulfide bond cyclic polypeptides, primary amide bond cyclic polypeptides, side chain amide bond cyclic polypeptides, amide bond and disulfide bond cyclic polypeptides
Fluorescent modification

Cy3, Cy5 and other fluorescence markers, DABCYL/EDANS quenching combination, AMC, PNA, DNASYL, MCA

Special material modificationGlycosylation modified peptides, phosphorylation and sulfonic acid modified peptides and azide (alkyl) modified peptides Arg (me), Arg (me) 2 (asymetrial) and Arg (me) 2 (symetrical) modified peptides, Lys (me), Lys (me) 2, Lys (me) 3 modified peptides
Antibody couplingKLH,BSA, and OVA are conjugated by Cys, or by carboxyl terminations
Branch peptides

Lys, ORN 2 branch, 4 branch, 8 branch polypeptide;Asp, Glu two-branch, four-branch, eight-branch polypeptide

RGD cyclic polypeptideRGD cyclic peptides and modified peptides
Tumor neoantigen polypeptideDesign and development of cell permeating membrane peptides, antimicrobial peptides, drug-carrying peptides, production of tumor neoantigen peptides (GMP operation standard)
Anti-coronavirus polypeptideNovel Coronavirus-related peptides are designed and synthesized to provide comprehensive support for popular targets
Peptide libraryOverlapped peptide library, amino acid screening peptide library, localized screening peptide library, random peptide library (messy peptide library)
Other peptidesPeptides, staple peptides, sialic acid peptides, cholesterol peptides, Hynic peptides, etc

Customized peptide price list

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