Designing different antigens for different applications is a key first step in antibody development.Antigen refers to the substance that can stimulate the body to produce (specific) immune response, and can combine with antibodies of immune response products and sensitized lymphocytes in vitro to produce immune effect (specific reaction).There are two basic characteristics of antigens:

One is the ability to induce an immune response, or immunogenicity.

The second is the reaction with the product of the immune response, which is antigenicity.

Antibodies are commonly used for the preparation of proteins and polypeptides, among which the polypeptide is a hapten due to its small molecular weight and no immunogenicity, which needs to combine with the large protein carrier to form a complete antigen with immunogenicity.The specific preparation of antibodies by gene synthesis, subcloning and expression purification of proteins, or the preparation of antibodies by designing and synthesizing polypeptides and coupling carrier proteins as antigens, depends on what experiments the antibodies are used in, and the materials and information available to you.

For example, co-IP, FACS, NeutralizingBlocking and ELISA were used to detect natural proteins. During the experiment, proteins were in a natural state, and the antibodies used generally recognized the conformational epitopes and linear epitopes of proteins, so it was ideal to use proteins as antigens.However, if the amino acid sequence is known, but the antigenic protein is not available due to gene cloning or expression, or only antibodies targeting certain specific epitopes of the antigenic protein and specific modification sites are needed, the antigen can be obtained by means of peptide synthesis.

With mature antigen preparation technology and advanced instruments and equipment in China, Gutuo Biotechnology can provide customers with:

(1) Prokaryotic protein expression and purification services, through the whole gene synthesis and subcloning, the construction of expression vectors, using different expression strains and purification media, and finally obtain a certain purity and concentration of high quality protein antigen;

(2) Peptide synthesis and carrier protein (KLH/BSA/OVA) coupling services.


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