Custom Peptide

Custom Peptide Synthesis Service

Hangzhou Go Top Peptide Biotech , established in 2014, is a National High-tech Enterprise specializing in the research, development and production of peptides and related derivatives.

The company’s peptide research center is currently located in Qiantang District of Hangzhou, covering an area of more than 3,000 square meters. The companys factory is located at No.24, Haitian Road, Shangyu District, Shaoxing city, Zhejiang province.  There are also two cooperation plants, one is for commercial peptide GMP manufacturing located in Anji county of Zhejiang province, one is for small molecule API located in Yuncheng city of Shanxi province. We become a comprehensive high-tech enterprise, integrating research, pilot scale-up, commercialization and global sales.

The company has over 100 employees, and has developed more than 40 mature pharmaceutical peptides, more than 10 invention patents have been authorized. The annual production capacity is up to 100 kilograms, the number of custom peptides has reached above 20,000.  We can provide the one-stop peptide services from research(mg) to commercialization(KGs).

Peptide Modification List

N-terminal modifications

{N-Me-Ala} {N-Me-Asp} {N-Me-Glu} {N-Me-Ile}
{N-Me-Leu} {N-Me-Met} {N-Me-Nle} {N-Me-Nva}
{N-Me-Phe} {N-Me-Ser} {N-Me-Thr} {N-Me-Tyr}
{N-Me-Val} {Sar} N-Me-Arg N-Me-Asn
N-Me-beta-Ala N-Me-Gln N-Me-Lys N-Me-Trp

C-terminal modifications

{Mono Disulfide bridge} {Double Disulfide bridge} {Triple Disulfide bridge}
{Random Disulfide bridge} {Same Seq. Inter-Disulfide bridge } {Different Inter-Disulfide bridge}
{Amide cyclic (end)} {Amide cyclic (Side chain)} {Orn side chain Amide cyclic}
{Thioester cyclic} {lactone cyclic} {Sec cyclic}

Unusual amino acids

{2-Aze} {3-Aze} {5,5-Dime-Pro}
{5-ASA} {Abu} {Ac-Lys}
{Aib} {Beta-Asp} {Bpa}
{Cha} {Chg} {Cit}
{Cpg} {Cys(Acm)} {Cys(Bzl)}

Isotope labeled peptides

Lys(13C6,15N2) Ile(13C6,15N)
Leu(13C6,15N) Val(13C5, 15N)
Arg(13C6, 15N4)  

 Fluorescent peptide modifications/FRET pairs

Biotin- Dansyl- Quenched fluorecent peptide
Biotin-Ahx- Dansyl-Ahx- Dabcyl
5-FAM- Cy3- Dabcyl / Glu(Edans)-NH2
5-FAM-Ahx- Cy5- Dansyl-
FITC- MCA/DNP Dansyl-Ahx-
FITC-Ahx- AMC Edans / Dabcyl

Peptide Conjugates

BSA(-COOH of C terminal KLH(-NH2 of N terminal) OVA(-COOH of C terminal)
BSA Conjugation on Cys KLH Conjugation on Cys OVA(-NH2 of N terminal)
    OVA Conjugation on Cys


{pSer} {D-pSer}
{pTyr} {D-pTyr}
{pThr} {D-pThr}

Other modifications(PEGylation, Cyclic modifications,Disulfide Bridges)

PEGylation Cyclic modifications Disulfide Bridges
{Mini-PEG1} Head to tail cyclic {Mono Disulfide bridge}
{Mini-PEG2}   {Double Disulfide bridge}
{PEG-11}   {Triple Disulfide bridge}
{PEG-12}   {Random Disulfide bridge}
…… …… ……