Cyclo(RGDyKMpa): The Innovative Solution for Enhanced Cell Adhesion and Targeted Drug Delivery

Hangzhou Go Top Peptide Biotech Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer, supplier and factory based in China that offers a wide range of peptides for different applications. One of our most innovative products is Cyclo(RGDyKMpa), which is a cyclic RGD peptide that has been modified with a new ligand (Mpa) to enhance its binding affinity. Cyclo(RGDyKMpa) is a highly selective peptide that targets the αvβ3 integrins, which are overexpressed in several pathophysiological processes such as tumor angiogenesis and metastasis. This peptide has been shown to inhibit tumor growth and angiogenesis, making it a potent therapeutic agent in cancer treatment. In addition, Cyclo(RGDyKMpa) has excellent pharmacokinetic properties such as high stability, low immunogenicity, and good tissue penetration. These features make it a promising candidate for imaging and targeted drug delivery systems. Overall, Hangzhou Go Top Peptide Biotech Co., Ltd. is proud to offer Cyclo(RGDyKMpa) as one of our innovative products, which will undoubtedly contribute to the development of precision medicine and cancer therapy.

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