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Catalog No:GT-P302


CAS Number:93674-97-6 

Molecular Formula:C16H29N7O8

Molecular Weight:447.45                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Category:  Catalog peptideCustom peptide、polypeptide synthesis

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Arg-Gly-Glu-Ser is a RGD-related polypeptide that controls the inhibitory activity of RGDS on the binding of fibrinogen to activated platelets.


Apperance: White to off-white powder

Purity(HPLC): 98.0%

Single Impurity: 2.0%

Acetate Content(HPLC): 5.0%12.0%

Water Content (Karl Fischer): 10.0%

Peptide Content: 80.0%

Packing and Shipping: Low temperature, vacuum packing, accurate to mg as required.

How To Order?

1. Contact us directly by phone or email: +86-13735575465,

2. Order online. Please fill out the order online form.

3. Provide peptide name, CAS No. or sequence, purity and modification if required, quantity, etc. we will provide a quotation within 2 hours.

4. Order conformation by duly signed sales contract and NDA(non disclosure agreement) or confidential agreement.

5. We will continuously update the order progress in time.

6. Peptide delivery by DHL, Fedex or others, and HPLC, MS, COA will be provided along with the cargo.

7. Refund policy will be followed if any discrepancy of our quality or service.

8. After-sale service: If our clients have any questions about our peptide during experiment, please feel free to contact us and we will respond to it in a short time.

All products of the company are only used for scientific research purpose, its prohibited to be directly used by any individuals on human body.


What are the recommendations if I start using peptides?

When ready for use, follow the steps below to dissolve the peptides to maintain their quality.


1, before opening the bottle and weighing a part of the peptide, heat it to reach room temperature, and the heating time is recommended to be 1 hour.

2. Quickly weigh the required amount in a clean external environment.

3. Store the remaining peptides in the freezer below -20, add desiccants and store them in an airtight container.

I live abroad, and it will take several days for delivery and customs clearance. Will this affect my research?

You receive the peptides in lyophilized powder packages, and peptides can usually be stored at room temperature without damage. Please freeze and store immediately after receipt.

What problems should be paid attention to in the storage process?

The peptide you received was packaged in lyophilized powder. Peptides are hydrophilic, and absorption of water will reduce the stability of the peptide and reduce the peptide content. Please pay attention to the following: first, with desiccants, stored in a dry environment. Second, once received, please immediately put into the freezer -20storage, in order to maintain maximum stability. Third, avoid the use of no automatic frost function of the freezer. Changes in humidity and temperature can affect the stability of peptides. Fourth, the external temperature during transportation does not affect the validity and quality of peptides.

How do I store the frozen peptides when I receive the product?

Once you receive it, you must immediately store it at -20 ° C or lower.

If the peptide content is 80%, what is the other 20%?

Salt and water

If a peptide is 98% pure, what is 2%?

Two percent of the composition was truncated or deleted sequence fragments.

What is an AMU unit?

AMU is the micropolymerization unit. This is the general unit of measurement for peptides.

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